The Violent Eclipse of the Electric Moon

(Part I)

At the edge of the cosmic universe
Moons fight with galaxies.
Asteroids determine the magnitude of the soul
Emotions force the death of density
A war of forbidden lines.
Violent eruptions and radiating electric clashes
The spark of chaos clashes with the unknown
Sharp chronometers land on the moon
Is this the centre of gravity?
Or the absolute eccentricity?

(Part II)

Sky dancers radiate
A magnetic energy
Flies freely among electric galaxies
Meteors and comets unite 
The revolution of the universe
Unconditional darkness
Time disappears in the sky
The destruction of ecstasy
The birth of power
In the cosmos…


Time Fragmentation

Time, kairos and chronos draw the lines of motion
Past, present and future define the electrons of energy
Feel the electric force of original identities
10 centuries, 9 decades, 8 years, 7 months, 6 days, 5 hours, 4 minutes, 3 seconds
Nights, days and lights melt in the hourglass of infinity
200 days to go, travel in 1000, 50 hours and 34 seconds
Measure the speed of seconds, minutes and hours
Sequence of restless memories, fly out of this world
Arrows of space force the distance of relativity
Light and dark, sing the duality of psychological chronometry 
Travel in time…